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How to paint the ceiling

When starting the project of painting a room you should ideally paint the ceiling first. This avoids getting paint on the walls or woodwork. Start by either moving furniture out of the room or in to the […]

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How to prepare to apply masonry paint

Before you get started with applying your masonry paint you should make sure you plan and prepare properly. To ensure the paint is long lasting, preparation of the wall is key!

The first step is to clean […]

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Useful tips on how to paint your hallway and stairs

Now for all you eager DIY-ers out there, painting your hallway and stairs can be a little tricky so we’ve put together a quick guide on how best to tackle the process of decorating your […]

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Prepare your outdoor space for the summer

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Why should I use Earthborn paint for my furniture project?

Earthborn paint is widely known for its high levels of breathability, this is their speciality.

Their paints are VOC free and contain no oils or nasty emissions. These days people are becoming more conscious (and rightly so) about […]

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Tick-tock, don’t forget your clock!

This trend is all about being using bold and vivid colours. Mixing colours that clash to make an impression that stands out in your home.

For more about this trend view the Crown video on YouTube […]

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