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Prepare your outdoor space for the summer

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Why should I use Earthborn paint for my furniture project?

Earthborn paint is widely known for its high levels of breathability, this is their speciality.

Their paints are VOC free and contain no oils or nasty emissions. These days people are becoming more conscious (and rightly so) about […]

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Tick-tock, don’t forget your clock!

This trend is all about being using bold and vivid colours. Mixing colours that clash to make an impression that stands out in your home.

For more about this trend view the Crown video on YouTube […]

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Colour Trends for 2017

If you want to keep up with the latest decorating trends then it might be of interest to you the colours that have been revealed as the ones to use in 2017. We’ve taken a look […]

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It’s in the name, Earthborn – Eco Friendly Paint

The eco-friendly paint market has come a long way in recent years. No longer does “going green” have to mean that you are limited in your paint choice. Brands such as Farrow & Ball and […]

How to prepare your childs room for Christmas

As Christmas is fast approaching, its the perfect time to do some de-cluttering and getting things organised in your child’s bedroom. With new toys and games needing a home after the big day, preparing prior […]

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