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Teenage Boys Bedroom Ideas

As your child goes into their teenage years, its a good time to decorate their bedroom making it a cool place to be, but remaining practical for their studies. We’ve come up with some suggestions and ideas of things to consider.
What style to choose?
Now every teenager will have their own style. Some may want a […]

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How to paint your garden furniture

If your garden furniture is looking tired and in need of sprucing up, painting it a different colour might just do the trick! Rather than just using wood stain, consider adding colour to give it a different look, perhaps making it a feature within your garden. There are some great colours around that can really […]

By |September 24th, 2015|Garden Tips|

Pots of Tone

We believe tone of colour is often as important, if not more important, than the colour itself.

When thinking about choosing your colour of paint, it may be an idea to imagine your home as an artists palette. The colours throughout your home being all of the same tone. So although the colour may change from […]

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How much paint do I need?

Working out how much paint you need can be tricky! Finding the right balance is important as not ordering enough for your decorating project can be very frustrating, but over ordering means you’re left with paint you just don’t need.

Measuring the size of your room can give you a rough idea, but what about taking into […]

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