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How to prepare your childs room for Christmas

As Christmas is fast approaching, its the perfect time to do some de-cluttering and getting things organised in your child’s bedroom. With new toys and games needing a home after the big day, preparing prior to the holiday period leaves time to enjoy the fun!

No doubt your child, like many other don’t realise what toys […]

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The Art of Interior Design

Many of us may consider ourselves to be good at choosing colour schemes or incorporating particular themes into our homes, but there’s a bigger difference between decorating and designing than you might think. Whilst an interior decorator seeks to inject personality and style into a room through furnishing a space with eye-catching items and enhancing […]

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Bring the Colour Back into Your Living Room

It shocks us. It surprises us. It makes us laugh and makes us cry….and ok yes, it sometimes makes us want to close our eyes, cover our ears and throw our television sets out of the window. In fact, to quote an all-too-familiar phrase, it really is like Marmite – but whether we love it […]

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Step into Spring

Spring is in the air, which makes it a perfect time to think about giving your home a refresh. As well as your traditional spring clean, why not change your decor and add a fresh look with a new colour of paint or perhaps by adding a different wallpaper pattern?
Spring Paint Colours
When we think of spring, daffodils, brighter days […]

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A leap year proposal

Ladies, have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to pop the question? With 2016 being a leap year, it’s your window of opportunity to make a move and propose to your loved one.

Let’s take a look at why and where this tradition has come from…

Why do we have a Leap Year?

Normally we have 365 […]

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Refresh your kitchen before Christmas!

Yes, we did say the word…. Christmas! With the clocks changing and a chill in the air, it’s just around the corner! So, if you are going to be gearing up for a big family dinner, then perhaps now is a good time to give your kitchen a refresh before the madness really begins!

As we […]

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Autumn Trends: Painting Patterns

We’ve been looking at some of the interior design trends this Autumn and love the idea of painting patterns that has been inspired by patchwork, basket-ware or tapestry as shown in the picture above. And what’s more we think it’s quite simple to do! All you need is some Frog Tape.

Frog Tape is a dream for […]

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Teenage Boys Bedroom Ideas

As your child goes into their teenage years, its a good time to decorate their bedroom making it a cool place to be, but remaining practical for their studies. We’ve come up with some suggestions and ideas of things to consider.
What style to choose?
Now every teenager will have their own style. Some may want a […]

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Adding a Featured Wall

Using a bold colour or patterned wallpaper is a brilliant way of bringing individuality to a room.

A vibrant colour that contrasts with the other walls in the room can bring a room to life. And, what’s more it can be done in any room.

Living areas and bedrooms seem to be the most popular choice when […]

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