With the leaves falling and crisp mornings setting in, Autumn is well and truly upon us. Too early to put the heating on? Perhaps a new coat of paint in your living room will help add a warming feel to your home as you settle in to watch the TV favourites at the weekend?

To help you, here are some of our favourite colours to paint your living room this Autumn:

Caramel Blush

Caramel is a popular choice, its considered a soft, subtle and classy colour. As seen above, it compliments wooden living room floors and furniture really well and if you want to brighten up the room you could mix the rustic tones with some brightly coloured accessories. For a stronger tone we suggest you opt for chocolate colours.

Auburn Falls Paint Colour

Autumn Falls

The name itself suggests that this paint colour is perfect for this time of year. A strong and bold orange colour will make a statement in your living room. Different tones can  make a big difference with orange so you can choose whether to go wild or remain a little more subtle with the many options available.

Fire Cracker

The rich tones of this red/brown colour work well in a living room. With a log fire on and sitting back enjoying the TV, this popular colour choice adds warmth and a comforting feeling to your lounge.

Amethyst Falls

This deep, rich and strong colour will certainly make a statement in your home. It adds something a little different to the traditional colours you see in living rooms. Choosing a darker purple will particularly have an immediate and striking effect that everyone will love.

All colours selected as part of this article are from the Dulux Matt Tinted Colours Range. For some other inspiration, check out our Pinterest Autumn Colour Board.