Using a bold colour or patterned wallpaper is a brilliant way of bringing individuality to a room.

A vibrant colour that contrasts with the other walls in the room can bring a room to life. And, what’s more it can be done in any room.

Living areas and bedrooms seem to be the most popular choice when adding a featured wall, normally because the focal point such as a fireplace or the bed makes it a perfect choice to catch the eye’s attention.

Whilst having a focal point is common, you can choose other walls in your room, although its best to avoid selecting a wall that contains a window, as the sunlight can cast a glare making it difficult for the featured wall to stand out, not to mention that its likely to make less of a statement  with the window taking up a large amount of space in the room.

The choice of colour of your featured wall is important. Both Dulux and Crown offer specific featured wall paint with some great colours available. Take a look at the Dulux Feature Wall Rich Emulsion paint and the Crown Feature Wall Matt.

Complementing the furniture and other items in the room will provide the desired effect. Something else to consider is the size of the room. Painting a lighter coloured featured wall in a dark large room can make the room appear larger, whereas a dark featured wall may make a room appear smaller.