We’ve been looking at some of the interior design trends this Autumn and love the idea of painting patterns that has been inspired by patchwork, basket-ware or tapestry as shown in the picture above. And what’s more we think it’s quite simple to do! All you need is some Frog Tape.

Frog Tape is a dream for painters. Basically its similar to masking tape, however its treated with PaintBlock technology (see the FrogTape website for more details) that seals that edges of the tape, preventing the paint from bleeding. So once in place you can be safe in the knowledge that the clean edges you are looking for will work and create some beautiful designs.

Crown has recently published a video introducing ‘Stitch Trends’ where other examples of patterned walls have been created using different colours. You can view the video below.

The video shows how strong colours can work well together even though they may not have been expected to do so. We particularly love the way the blue and purple work together.

What do you think? Which two colours would you put together to create a patterned wall in your home?