As Christmas is fast approaching, its the perfect time to do some de-cluttering and getting things organised in your child’s bedroom. With new toys and games needing a home after the big day, preparing prior to the holiday period leaves time to enjoy the fun!

No doubt your child, like many other don’t realise what toys they have, have too much or can’t access what they do have, so here are our tips on getting organised and creating their bedroom so its tidy, yet a fun place to be!

De-clutter and sort

As your child gets older, they outgrow their toys. Which toys are they playing with regularly? Which haven’t they played with for a long time? If possible ask your child as its best to get them involved from the beginning, after all they will know best!

Get them to pull out what they don’t play with. They don’t have to be thrown away, you can give them to friends, family or even taken to a local charity or school who will make use of them.

No doubt as your child has finished playing throughout the year, toys have been put away in boxes, cupboards and drawers to clear the mess, but have they put back in the right place? Take time to sort through, throwing away broken toys and putting together missing pieces!

Storage and organising

Once everything has been sorted, its a good idea to think about what goes where and how to store it all! Some factors to consider ….What do they play with the most and how accessible is it? Can they reach everything? What is best to be hidden away or in view? Storage such as under the bed boxes and shelves are a good way of maximising space.

As every parent knows, encouraging your child to keep organised is an ongoing battle, however having the right tools may help! When your child can see and play with all their toys, they will become more proud of them and want to keep the room nice. That’s the theory anyway!!

Colour themes and wall displays

Now organised, a few finishing touches to the room will make the difference, adding a bit of fun and style. Kids love bright colours to match their bed spreads and curtains. Ask them to choose a colour, so often they will have a colour in mind anyway! There’s plenty of bright colours to choose from in the Dulux tinted colours range, ideal for bedrooms.

Finally, consider adding some wall displays, perhaps framed pictures of their favourite TV character or super hero, or maybe even some of their own art work created at school.