As your child goes into their teenage years, its a good time to decorate their bedroom making it a cool place to be, but remaining practical for their studies. We’ve come up with some suggestions and ideas of things to consider.

What style to choose?

Now every teenager will have their own style. Some may want a modern and contemporary look, whereas others may want to use a theme of something they are interested in such as football or music. When considering a style, its best to think about what will last for years to come. Getting rid of a childish style for a more grown up look is what they will want!

What colour to choose?

Bold coloured paint that can be found in the Dulux Colour Palette or patterned featured wallpaper are popular choice for teenage boys. Reds, oranges, black and bright blues all see to go down well. Mixing different colours work. For example red and white or blue and white work really well together. The contrast in colours gives a modern and contemporary feel.

What storage and accessories to use?

Storage is important in teenage years. With school exams taking place, having a useful study area with a position for everything will help even the messiest of teenagers!

Investing in a desk and chair to work on with enough surface area for them to work easily is essential. Shelves above or around the desk are useful to store their course work and books.

A whiteboard is also a useful addition. Being able to make notes of things to get done or pin important bits of paper will help them remember things.