It finally feels like spring has sprung! We have enjoyed the daylight hours beginning to claw back their claim on our evening light, tulips budding and green shoots sprouting. We’ve even had our first tantalising taste of that fresh spring sunshine, reminding us that those warm summer days are just around the corner…

But it’s not as gloriously perfect as all that – we know well enough in this beautiful country of ours, that equally synonymous with spring, are those inevitable April showers. We’ve seen crisp blue skies quickly cloud over and within minutes release a torrent of thick, shiny raindrops!

However, we must not allow these weeks, with all their inconsistency, to limit us. Instead we must learn to embrace this somewhat unpredictable season. Springtime is as fresh and vibrant as it is changeable, and brings with it the perfect opportunity for us to clean, spruce and rejuvenate. What better way to do so than by preparing your house to look good for those dazzling summer days ahead?

In the same way a rainbow brightens up an unsettled grey-blue sky, why not brighten up your home exterior this spring and the Dulux Weathershield range can help do this. This smooth masonry paint offers a tough, durable finish for exterior walls and provides total protection against all weather conditions, ensuring your house stays beautiful come rain or shine.

With 18 different shades of wall paint to choose from, and a further 20 colours available in the exterior gloss or satin paint range, there’s sure to be a tone for every taste. Why not try the seasonal ‘Green Ivy’ shade for a vintage country look or add warmth to your walls with a creamy ‘buttermilk’ tint? You could even spruce up the side of your garage with a ‘Frosted Lake’ or ‘Pale Slate’ tone, indicative of the promise of those cloudless blue skies to come.

Weathershield masonry paint comes in a smooth or textured finish, and is quick and easy to apply. What’s more, when you buy from Paint Direct, you can enjoy the luxury of having your paint delivered directly to your door, eliminating the need to brace the April showers any more often than you have to!

Your home has pots of potential with this unique range of specially formulated weather-proof paint. Whatever your mood (and whatever the weather) you can make your home stand out and shine.

So do not fear the effects of the sunshine and showers this springtime – just learn to embrace the rainbow of colours they create!