Before you get started with applying your masonry paint you should make sure you plan and prepare properly. To ensure the paint is long lasting, preparation of the wall is key!

The first step is to clean the area by removing any surface dirt and loose paint on your walls. To remove any loose masonry, its best to use a scraper. For any surface dirt a hand brush is the best option.

If the wall is very dirty, the best course of action would be to clean it with household detergent making sure you rinse it with water afterwards.

Choosing not to remove any loose masonry or paint will result in it mixing with the fresh paint being applied and effecting the finish.

After cleaning, the next step is to repair any damage to your walls. Small cracks and holes can be filled with exterior filler or mortar. Apply the filler with a knife, adding it layer by layer if necessary. Once the filler has been added it should be left to dry before sanding down.

Next you should seal and prime your wall. A sealer is used as most masonry is more porous that other materials and the sealer will protect the wall for longer. A primer is used to improve water resistance.

Now this is all complete, you are ready to apply your paint!