500,000 spectators…
54,250 tennis balls…
300,000 cups of tea & coffee…
25,000 bottles of champagne…
140,000 portions of strawberries…
10,000 litres of cream…

Yes, it’s that time of year again. So lock the doors, close the curtains, turn on the television, pour yourself a glass of Pimms or a cup of tea if you prefer and become immersed in pure, unadulterated tennis action!

Think blue skies, green grass, red strawberries, white figures, a small yellow ball (and maybe the odd drop of rain) and there you have it – Wimbledon.  Typically English, and summertime at its best, it is the oldest (and possibly most well regarded) tennis championship in the world. Regardless of the unpredictable weather, here in Britain, we relish the charm of this time-honoured championship which is steeped in tradition and holds mass appeal across the generations. We as a nation embrace the regal nobility of it all – the celebrity spectators, the challenge of obtaining those rare and costly tickets, the glimpses of royalty, and the buzz of pre-match anticipation – not to mention the drama of the games themselves.

Next year, Wimbledon will be 140 years old, so before we continue, let’s take a brief look at some of the lesser known facts about this extraordinary sporting event:

Our Top 5 Weird and Wonderful Wimbledon Facts

  1. Wimbledon tennis balls are stored in the fridge before they are used to keep them in top shape for the game.
  2. Wimbledon used to use white tennis balls, but in 1986 the white balls were replaced the by the yellow ones used today, so as to make them more visible for television viewers at home.
  3. The grass on a Wimbledon court is cut to exactly 8mm before the championships start – now that’s precision for you!
  4. At least 40 miles worth of string is fitted to approximately 2,000 rackets over the course of a fortnight at Wimbledon.
  5. It would be possible fit 290 million tennis balls in to Centre Court with the roof closed!

As we can see a great deal of time and effort goes in to maintaining the exceptional condition of the pristine Wimbledon courts. It’s imperative that they remain in optimal condition, so as to provide the world-class players with a smooth, even surface which will enhance their skills and allow them to play to their absolute best. Over time, tennis courts will inevitably suffer damage and wear, which impacts on both the standard of play and the enjoyment of it. It’s therefore really important to keep the courts well maintained and looking fresh.

Many of us may enjoy a game of recreational tennis ourselves, but if you are fortunate enough to own you own court (or indeed oversee the maintenance of one) why not LET us SERVE you an ADVANTAGE by revealing our ACE tips for rejuvenating your tennis courts?

  • LOVE your Courts! All tennis courts will need a good clean in order to prevent staining or premature wear. Water will remove most marks and stains, but if you’re planning on power washing your courts, remember to SET the washer to a low level so you don’t BREAK or damage the surface.
  • SLAM mould and mildew! A build up moss or algae can make the surface slippery and RESULT in injury, so it’s crucial that this is eliminated with a specialised cleaning solution. If left unattended, mould and mildew can even damage the surface of your court, eventually rendering it unplayable and subject to costly repair.
  • FAULTS in the surface! Puddles of water on a court are commonly known as ‘birdbaths’ and can be caused by poor drainage, ground movement or uneven surfaces. Over time, birdbaths will undoubtedly produce marks and discolouration on a tennis court and will also encourage the accumulation of dirt and debris – DOUBLE trouble!
  • MATCH the colour! Sun exposure and frequent use will affect the colour of your courts. In order to keep them looking fresh and vibrant, Specialised Tennis Court Paint can PLAY it’s part in solving this. There is such a vast array of colours available in this acrylic based, low gloss paint, that you can be as creative as you like! There is even the option to purchase this professional paint with a non-slip additive, making it the sure-fire SMASH HIT of any court this summer.

So be inspired to spruce up your tennis courts with this Specialised Tennis Court Paint. You can then sit back and relax as you enjoy the best grand-slamming tennis action in the world…and maybe a strawberry or two.