As the weather gets warmer, it may be time for some home improvements! Summer is a great time to maintain the outside of your property, particularly if considering painting the exterior walls.

When choosing paint for exterior masonry and brickwork, you are going to be making an investment in both labour time and material, so its important to choose wisely.

So, what should you know about choosing masonry paint?

Luckily most of today’s masonry paints are durable and provide protection to your brickwork for many years. As well as being durable you should also consider that it is dirt resistant and waterproof.

Some masonry paints now use Microseal or a similar technology that means the surfaces are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof, ensuring that your home is protected for longer.

Types of masonry paint

There are two main types of masonry paint to choose from – smooth or textured.

Smooth paint, as by definition is suited to walls without the need to hide defects or scars. It is has a creamy consistency and is quick and easy to apply. An added bonus is that it’s likely to be available in a range of different colours such as in the Sandtex Ultra Smooth masonry paint or the Dulux Weathershield range.

Textured paint are suited to walls that may need movement. The paint helps hide defects and repairs and keeps a wall looking uniform in appearance. Textured paint can improve the aesthetic of the appearance of the building.

This Sandtex video provides further information on the two types of masonry paint available.