If you find that your garden furniture is cracked, split or peeling and generally looking a bit sorry for itself, then you’re not alone! The tough British climate can really have an impact on the condition of our garden wood, but don’t give up on it just yet – it may be possible to restore it to its former glory with minimal expense and just a little TLC.

Even in those extreme cases where it truly is past redemption, then all may not be lost. You can still avoid the expense of brand new replacement furniture by getting hold of some reasonably well-maintained pre-loved items and giving them a little care and attention yourself. So whether you’re freshening up your own pieces, or up-cycling second hand acquisitions, read on to discover our pointers on how to make your wooden garden furniture glow afresh once again.

  • Wait for a warm, dry day. You will need to keep your furniture out of any rain showers whilst it’s being lovingly restored and also out of strong/direct sunlight as this can affect the finish of the paint.
  • Ensure the furniture is completely dry before you begin as damp wood can blister and flake later on.
  • Remove any dirt, mould or mildew and loose, flakey paint with a wire brush.
  • Patch up and repair any damaged wood using waterproof glue or wood filler.
  • Sand with a fine grain sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface and then wipe away any loose dust.
  • Cover or remove any areas that you don’t want staining (eg. metal hinges or handles).
  • Using a clean brush, stir the wood stain in the tin and then apply a small amount to a discreet area to ensure you are happy with the colour. Once confident it’s the finish you’re after, paint the whole item in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Three coats will provide the best protection but after the second, remember to give the wood a light sand so as to achieve the perfect finish.

Choosing the right paint for the job is a hugely important part of the process because you will want to achieve a professional and durable look with minimal effort. Ronseal Garden Paint provide garden furniture with long-lasting weatherproof protection. With a whole host of attractive colours that will subtly compliment the natural shades found in your garden, you certainly won’t be stuck for inspiration and you could even consider using some more adventurous colours in the restoration of your garden furniture.

You could leave behind the natural woody hues traditionally associated with the garden and experiment with something a little bolder such as the ‘Purple Berry’ shade or more subtle of the ‘Cool Breeze’. You could even splash out with some real creativity and use stencils to give your wooden tabletop or garden bench some added dual-colour. In fact, why stop with garden furniture? You could also paint your birdhouse and smarten up your Summerhouse! There’s pots of potential for all your garden wood with Ronseal Garden Paint, so go on, be brave and put the glow back into your garden wood.

As you can see, it really needn’t cost the earth to spruce up your garden furniture. Just remember, to keep it looking better for longer, it’s important to clean your furniture regularly, lightly sand it now and again to prevent mould developing and always endeavour to cover or store it during the winter months. That way, your newly-revived garden furniture will stay in tip-top condition for many years to come.