If your garden furniture is looking tired and in need of sprucing up, painting it a different colour might just do the trick! Rather than just using wood stain, consider adding colour to give it a different look, perhaps making it a feature within your garden. There are some great colours around that can really transform your furniture.

So what do you need to do first?

Step 1 – Clean and prepare the furniture

Before even thinking about painting, you need to clean and prepare your garden furniture. Start by removing any excess dust and dirt, fungi or moss. You can use a stiff brush for this.

If it has been painted before you will need to ensure that any loose peeling paint has been removed and stripped back to bare wood. This is the same if it has previously been stained or varnished.

Then, you should sand and clean the surface of your furniture making sure that all dust is removed. Wiping it over with a damp rag will do the job.

Step 2 – Treat with Wood Preserver

We recommend treating with a wood preserver prior to painting to prevent rot, decay and blue staining mould. It will protect your garden furniture and ensure the surface stays in tact as long as possible.

Step 3 – Paint your furniture

The next step is to choose the colour of your paint! The Cuprinol Garden Shades range provides some lovely colours to choose from. Take a look at their range:

Cuprinol Garden Colour Shades

If you are having trouble deciding on a colour, Cuprinol has created a fantastic tool on their website for you to see what each of their colours looks like on a shed, fence or table and chair set. Take a look at the Cuprinol Colour Selector.

Once you have chosen your colour, all you now need to do is paint it! You can use a brush or spray to apply the paint, a spray may be easier for larger surfaces. If using a brush make sure you brush along the grain of the wood.

Now all you need to do is wait for it to dry. Most paints will take an hour or two, although if you need to apply a second coat it may be best to leave it a bit longer.