Nothing sounds better than spending a summers evening relaxing in the garden or entertaining family and friends with a BBQ and a nice cold drink or two!

Summertime is great, yet often too short, which is why you have to prepare now to make the most of your outdoor space. Here are some tips on how to make a difference in your garden:

Cleaning your patio

Whilst there’s no doubt your patio can last for many years, a little gentle cleaning will keep it looking fresh for longer.  Dirt, mould and algae can appear, however using a cleaning agent such as Sandtex Fungicide Solution can have it looking as good as new each year. Use a stiff-bristle broom or brush, or maybe a pressure washer if you have a larger space, and mix the solution with water following the instructions and this will remove any stains and kill off anything growing.

Spruce up your decking

Most wooden surfaces eventually fade from sun exposure, so adding a new colour to your decking will give it a new lift. Cuprinol Anti-slip Decking Stain Colours will give your decking a semi-transparent, matt finish that will protect against the weather elements and in addition include anti-slip microbeads.

To apply decking stain use a brush or power sprayer. Remove as much mould, debris and dirt as possible prior to applying the stain by using hot water and a soft brush.

You can keep the decking clean throughout the year with regular use of a broom and a hose.

Revive your fencing

With a few simple repairs and a power washer your garden fence can look much better, although to really make a difference you may want to consider a new lick of paint. As with your decking, the elements can have an effect on your fence panels and cause fading. Cuprinol Garden Shades paint has lots of colours to choose from, which will give a great new look, particularly if you can match it with your garden furniture.

To apply, use a Harris brush, or for extra convenience (particularly on larger areas) spray on using the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer or Cuprinol Power Sprayer.