Crown has just launched their summer TV ad, have you seen it? If you watch Emmerdale, then it was on this week so you may have spotted it then. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, we would hate for you to miss out, so why not take a quick look now…

The Breatheasy® range consists of a formulation that is exclusive to Crown and is the first type of paint using this formulation in the UK.

As it’s 99% solvent free, its good for the environment and for minimising those nasty odours!

From past experience, many of us will know full well what the disruption used to be like when it was time to get the paint brush out, especially if it was for redecorating the bedroom. You either had to move and sleep in a different room or put up with breathing in the paint fumes during the night until the smell faded away. Thankfully there have been developments in technologies meaning that paints like the Crown’s Breatheasy® range take this pain away.

In addition to this feature, Crown has created plenty of choice on the colour front in both the Matt and Silk Colours range. The video showed us some bold, chic and fashionable colours to choose from, so take a look at this for some ideas.

Let us know if you see the advert again!