This coming weekend is traditionally the busiest of the year for DIY-ers. With most people having a four day weekend to look forward to, what better time to take on a spot of DIY this bank holiday.

Before you reach out for your paint brush, a bit of forward planning and pre-shopping will ensure you make the most of your time. Here are our top tips of things to consider:

  1. Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job

    Getting all your supplies in order makes a big difference when the time comes to start painting. Having both preparation and paint supplies ready cuts down on frustration and makes getting the job done so much quicker. Here is a checklist of tools to have ready:

    Tools for preparation work

    • Paint scraper – To remove any peeling or cracked paint before sandpapering
    • Sand paper – To even out the surface
    • Tape – To ensure clean edges

    Tools for painting

    • Floor covering – To protect flooring and carpets from spilage
    • Angles paint brush – To achieve clean edges in corners
    • 3-inch flat brush – To ‘cut in’ the border around the taped 0ff area
    • Roller and tray – To make painting quicker and easier in larger areas
    • Sponge – To remove any spilages
  2. Choose your colour scheme

    Choosing an appropriate colour scheme for your home interior isn’t an easy task. There’s so much choice! Looking for inspiration in home magazines or searching the internet at websites like Pinterest can offer some great ideas. Something you my want to consider is the mood of the room.  For example, if your kitchen is the hub of activity perhaps a bright and vibrant colour like a yellow would work best to create the desired visual impact.

  3. Buy now before the shops get too busy!

    There’s nothing worse that fighting the crowds on a bank holiday! With Easter being the most popular time for a spot of painting, its best to get prepared, buy early and avoid the shops altogether. Paint Direct offer a next day delivery service on 90% of its stock, so there’s no reason even to leave the house with delivery direct to your door. All you need to do is select the brand and colour you require and make payment on-line.

  4. Make sure you buy the right amount

    Running out of paint just before you get to the end of the job is frustrating. To make sure this isn’t you, we’ve got a handy on-line paint calculator to guide you. You can read our previous blog, ‘How much paint do I need‘ to find out how it works.