Working out how much paint you need can be tricky! Finding the right balance is important as not ordering enough for your decorating project can be very frustrating, but over ordering means you’re left with paint you just don’t need.

Measuring the size of your room can give you a rough idea, but what about taking into account the doors and windows and also the type of paint you are using?

To help you save time and money, we have a useful paint calculator that will take away this pain for you! The amount of paint you need will be instantly be displayed after you have entered in the required information.

All you need to do is select in the type of paint you are using from the drop down list, enter the measurements of your room and other details such as the number of doors and windows. The calculator will then work out the quantity of paint in litres you need and suggest how many coats to apply.

The calculator will give you an approximate guide based on typical spreading rates, although it can vary according to how porous or rough the surfaces you are painting are. Porous walls are likely to require extra coats and if you are making significant changes to the colour of your room (i.e. bright red to white) you are also likely to require additional coats.

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