Cricket Bat Oil

For all you cricket lovers following the 2015 Ashes Cricket series, important information on how to keep your cricket bat in good condition.

Firstly, you can always take the Australian approach to bat care where you avoid hitting the ball, this prevents damaging the surface of the bat and therefore you have no work to do at all.

Alternatively, we recommend here at Paint Direct that you use the traditional method of oiling your bat with linseed oil.

Firstly, only apply the oil to traditional wooden bats made of willow. If your bat is covered with a protective coating or colour you should seek advise from the manufacturer before applying any oil.


To apply it, use a clean dry lint free cloth. You should use raw linseed oil, not boiled linseed oil. This is because raw linseed oil penetrates the wood and keeps it nourished whereas the boiled linseed oil drys on the bat surface which then has a layer which will crack and peel.

Use the oil sparingly

It is better to apply a thin layer of oil often than one thick coat all in one go. The idea is to enrich, nourish and protect the bat not make it sticky and wet.

Use a clean lint free cloth, tip a small amount of raw linseed on to it and working in small circular motions work the oil in to the surface of the bat.

You don’t have to let it dry as such, because the oil is not designed to dry completely (which is why you use it sparingly) so in reality once you have oiled it you can start using your bat again, (unless you are already out! – sorry those from Oz, we couldn’t resist!) but in reality better if you leave it a couple of days to soak in.


Once you have finished, you should destroy the cloths you have used. This is because if left crumpled, pockets of gas can form in the material which can start sparking and lead to spontaneous combustion. Catch fire in other words, so please be careful.

The best way to overcome this is to lay the rags out flat outside until they are dry, at this point they in theory become safe to throw away. Better still, burn them in a controlled fashion in a good outside space in a metal paint kettle. Keep a bucket of water handy and kids, please get an adult to do this for you.

Enjoy your cricket

Now you are ready to enjoy your cricket bat. Remember, keep your eye on the ball, concentrate and score for England!