External elements can play a major part of the effect on your garden fence. Both the delightful English rain or even the sun can have a negative impact on natural woods.

Protecting your garden fence with wood preserver will ensure that it lasts longer.

When putting up your new fence, we advise that it is treated with wood preserver as soon as possible. Then it should be treated annually in order to provide maximum protection.

Wood preserver prevents the wood from shrinking and helps the surface of the wood remain smooth. If your fence isn’t treated, the elements will cause the wood to dry out, which in turn could cause the fence to either shrink, expand crack or warp.

There are many different wood preservers available. The Blackfriars Gold Star Wood Preserver is a popular choice. Protecting your fence against wet rot, dry rot and blue stain and added protection against wood boring insects is why this preserver is so popular.

So, sparing some time when putting your fence up will make sure that the wood stays protected for as long as possible!